Speaking About Death

Empowering workshops for a new perspective on life

The subject of death causes much anxiety – especially our own.


These award winning workshops led by Christianne Heal, give you the opportunity to discuss your hopes and fears about your death in a supportive atmosphere without being considered morbid.

Many find that attending one of Christianne’s  workshops gives them a new perspective on life and helps them to fully acknowledge what they really want to accomplish before they die. Read Martin Hawes experience as reported in Self & Society Magazine.

The workshops were featured on the BBC1 TV ‘Living with Dying’ programme and was awarded the ‘Best Spiritual Social Invention’ by The Institute for Social Inventions sponsored by The Body Shop and Anita Roddick.

These workshops are suitable for everyone over the age of sixteen, but not the recently bereaved.

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Dying Matters Awareness Week

Every year in May, Dying Matters host an Awareness Week. The next one is in May 2017. Find out more. 

Current Workshops


Date: Sunday 6th November 2016
Location: Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire

Date: Saturday 27th May 2017
Location: Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire

Date: Sunday 4th June 2017
Location: London


A Positive Approach to Our Own Death.

These workshops allow us the opportunity to explore our hopes, fears and  assumptions around the subject of our own death and dying. Many find this gives them a new perspective on life and helps them acknowledge what they really want to focus on before they die. The youngest person ever attending was a thirteen year old boy whose father had died before he was born and thus he had always carried a need to find out more about his own death. Another participant attended before she was to have a lung transplant and returned 5 years later to attend again before she was to have a second lung transplant.Others come because they are curious or scared about the topic.

What is most heartening Is that most leave surprised how much easier they feel around the subject having discovered their own vocabulary for the topic and are very much more relaxed and aware of what really is important in their current lives.

Death is the final stage of growth in this life.

There is no total death.

Only the body dies…the self is eternal

Elizabeth Kubler Ross

Christianne Heal is a psychotherapist and counsellor and one of her interests is Bereavement counselling and End of Life counselling. Visit her website here.