Dr. Kai Kermani

“Safe, loving and secure atmosphere which you so brilliantly created for people to do their own work in their own time”


Joanna Trevelyn in Nursing Times

“It certainly motivated me to discuss my funeral with my partner”


Nancy Brett

“I want to tell you how marvellous I found the experience within a safe and holding atmosphere created by you.”



“A marvellous way to deal with a difficult subject. There was safety, holding in the group but challenge too and lots of humour. I can’t imagine how it could have been done better.”



“The Course was really well thought out, engaging, inspirational. It will ripple through my life for a long time to come, making a difficult subject approachable, educational and magical. ”



“Thank you once again for putting on such a wonderful workshop…a powerful and moving day.”


Christianne Heal is a psychotherapist and counsellor and one of her interests is Bereavement counselling and End of Life counselling.