Speaking About Our Own Death

      Workshop led by Christianne Heal

An opportunity to explore our hopes, fears and assumptions around the subject of our own death. Many find this workshop gives them a new perspective on life and helps them to acknowledge what they really want to accomplish before they die.

 Date: Sunday 4 June  2017: 10 am-4 pm
Venue: 19 Frome Street, Islington, London, N1 8PB
Tel: 020- 7359 6749

Booking: Please send a cheque payable to Christianne Heal to the venue address above to confirm your booking.

Fee: When paid before 13th April 2017: £55.00; after this date: £65.00.
Please Note: Refunds will be given only if you are able to find a replacement.

Please bring your own lunch, all drinks provided.

 This workshop was featured in the BBC1 TV series ‘Living with Dying’, the Independent, Nursing Times and Guardian.

Comments from previous participants:
    ‘The course was really well thought- out, engaging, inspirational. It will ripple through my life for a long time to come, making a difficult subject approachable, educational and magical.’ (SW)

   ‘A marvellous way to deal with a difficult subject. There was safety, holding in the group, but a challenge too and lots of humour. I cannot imagine how it could have been better’. (HG)