In believing we have all the time in the world, we may postpone many of the things we want to do in our life, and be left with a feeling of incompleteness and dissatisfaction with our life. Time and time again we have found when people accept their death they are able to to open up to a whole new perspective on life. This gives validity to their existence, enables them to reassess their priorities and greatly improve the quality of their lives.

Without the existence of night we would not be able to separate and distinguish the days as they pass. In the same way, death provides us with a framework, from which we can focus on life. Death allows us to look at life as a complete form, and thus gives us more opportunity to create more meaning and purpose within it. As we begin to accept at the deepest level of our being that our time is limited, that there will come a day when we will no longer be here, we begin to really question such issues as “what is life all about?”, “What am I here for?” and “Who am I?” We are motivated and encouraged to heal the pain within ourselves and transform life accordingly.

In coming together at our workshops, participants are given the opportunity to talk and explore in depth a subject that is very often treated as ‘taboo’. In a safe and supportive environment, structured exercises, guided inner journeys and discussion will assist us in opening up more fully to life, through reflecting on and facing death.

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Christianne Heal and Adela Austin 

Christianne Heal is a psychotherapist and counsellor and one of her interests is Bereavement counselling and End of Life counselling.